Wednesday, September 3, 2008

King Jehoram, Felix Manalo and Judas Iscariot

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In the bible, there was this wicked Judean king named Jehoram. For his wickedness, God sent Elijah to warn him of his fate:

2 Chronicles 21:15You yourself will be very ill with a lingering disease of the bowels, until the disease causes your bowels to come out.
Thus, Jehoram died:
2 Chronicles 21:18-19After all this, the LORD afflicted Jehoram with an incurable disease of the bowels. In the course of time, at the end of the second year, his bowels came out because of the disease, and he died in great pain.
The death of Felix Manalo:
It was only after many years later, in February 1963, that Manalo fell gravely ill. He was rushed to St. Luke’s hospital in Quezon City where doctors decided to remove immediately "an intestinal obstruction". Manalo rejected the surgery, saying, "Doctors can cure only those who are not yet to die, not those whose time has come." By March 21, 1963, his incapacitation was total and he was transferred to Veterans Memorial Hospital. Doctors operated on him but failed to give him relief from pain. On April 2, the doctors worked on Manalo again to sew back part of his intestines which had burst and hemorrhaged. On April 11, they performed a third surgery on him. It proved to be the last.Isabelo T. Crisotomo , May-June 1986 Pasugo magazine
And then, there was Judas Iscariot, the one who betrayed the Christ:
Acts 1:18With the reward he got for his wickedness, Judas bought a field; there he fell headlong, his body burst open and all his intestines spilled out.


Anonymous said...

Hi ako po ay bagong doktrina sa INC ask ko lang po kung ano ang teksto at ilan ang nagturo ng leksyon nitong thursday sept 4 2008? Gusto ko rin kasi malaman hindi po ako naka dalo ng pagsamba salamat

Anonymous said...

e tanga ka pala? di mo ba naintindihan na pinatutunayan sa site na itong mali nga iyang pinapasok mo?

Anonymous said...

take a research on this: D Pastors and bishops who ordained Felix Manalo as Church Administrator of INC:
1. Founder Bishop Victoriano Mariano of IGLESIA EVANGELICA UNIDA DE CRISTO (United Evanglical Church of Christ) known as UNIDA.
2. Rev. Alejandro Reyes of Methodist Episcopal Church (Now the United Methodist Church or the United Church of Christ in the Philippines or the Iglesia Evangelica Metodista en las islas Filipinas)
3. Founder Bishop Gil Domingo of Iglesia Trinitaria who joined to form the IGLESIA EVANGELICA UNIDA DE CRISTO (United Evanglical Church of Christ) known as UNIDA.
4. Rev. Emiliano Quijano - of the Church of Christ (Disciples) - now the United Church of Christ in the Philippines and/or the Churches of Christ
5. Rev. Guillermo Sarco - then Pastor of Lipa Evangelical Church (mission church of the Presbyterian now part of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines local church).
6. Rev. Nicolas Fajardo - UCCP
7. Rev. Roque Bautista - UCCP

You will noticed that most of the pastors are pioneers of the protestant faith in the Philippines and are affiliated to the now United CHURCH OF CHRIST in the Philippines. The 2 Bishops came from the Presbyterian splinter - United Evangelical CHURCH OF CHRIST.

San ka pa?
Manalo was sent by the Protestants to be the BISHOP of IGLESIA?

Anonymous said...

It seems that Manalo before was an ECUMENICAL?

Ian said...

So Manalo was ordained "bishop" by felloiw heretical ministers.

Donald Awat said...

Your site seems to be another crack down work of the ANG DATING DAAN .

IGLESIA NI CRISTO since time immemorial is always under scrutiny by envious groups and people such as you.

One thing is sure nobody and even you can hinder Gods work . Blog all you want for this is the bitter thing you can only do.

If it isnt of God then He alone can destroy of what you believed Bro. Felix Manalo had labored for.

Got it ?!!!!!!

Get it ? !!!!!

starbucks said...

wasak ang bituka ni manalo!! yan ang napapala ng sobrang katakawan sa paglamon at sa babae!! makati ka aksi manalo e!! bwahahaha

Anonymous said...

.. wag po kasi kayo absta basta nalang naniniwala hindi si manalo oh kung sino paman ang liligtas sainyo. kundi sarili niyo but dapat hanapin nyo tlga ang tunay na church. sabe nga sa efeso 4:5 sinasabe na may church tlga na totoo at si jesus christ trough prophets i rrestored niya un. pag katapos ng maraming apostasiya sa mundo. ang tunay na prophets sabe sa bible mismo ang diyos ay mag papakita skanya para siya ang maging saksi. I'am Proud to be a member of The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint's sana hanggat may time pa hanapin nyo na ang totoo kasi temporary lang ang buhay. salamat Godblees